Broken Barnet

brokenbarnet dark collageBB2 c Joe Killick 2012


Julie Kertesz blogs, photos and videos

I interviewed Julie in back in November 2011 and she agreed to me linking to her content on this site and requested that her name was published with the content.

Julie @ Flickr: Julie70’s photostream

Blogger: Julie70 in London at 77

Arrived from Paris at 73 & I love Londons diversity, warmth, opportunity

Global voices: United Kingdom: At Age 77, A Life of Inspiration

First times version 1 by julie70

Stand Up Comedy at Laughing horse 2010-30-10 by julie70

Content creation

A film shot in Mallorca in 2002. I shot and edited a lot of videos that year. Music by Keir Fraser (my bro) and James Braddell, aka Nine Lazy Nine.


Promo for Bel Air a short film set in Aldeburgh, Suffolk, about love and fate, and about how the universe supports us even when we doubt it! Written in a day, shot in 5 days, edited in under a year!


Some sounds

Hello Tim,

Good look with the PHD, I very much enjoyed talking to you!

Here is a piece of music I uploaded to Soundcloud called “Shade” which is continuing my experiments with field recordings and the sounds of the melodeon (diatonic button accordion)

Shade by Richard Sanderson

(if that embed code doesn’t work – here’s the link –

Best wishes


Your research project



Dear Tim

I took this photo  during a visit to the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford when I visited recently.  I was attracted to the juxtaposition of the three different figures, the lovely tonal qualities which were  present throughout this wonderful building and also to ideas of time and place which I think this photo evokes.

Good luck with your research.

Best wishes

Myra Lawson


Key West & Surfer

Key West is a digital painting done entirely on the computer with a graphic tablet. Surfer is a scanned line drawing against a background created with a fractal generator programme. Prints of these are on sale in my franvisions shop. More of my work can be found on my website where you will also find links to my blog and flickr. Thank you for interviewing me, it’s a very interesting project you are doing.


Tim’s Sydney Tower .gif – 6th June 2011


I’ve had a break from interviewing over the last couple of weeks and just returned from Australia. So I thought I’d contribute to the content.

The first day in Sydney was uncharacteristically cloudy. I took some pictures from the top of Sydney tower where there was a 360 degree view and just to prove I’m still creating content I made this gif animation of all the photos put together. I think the clouds actually help the effect.

Thought I’d share this with the other contributors.



These are from a series called ‘Booth’.
The process of taking these empty photobooth pictures was filmed with me posing outside looking at the instructions as if I thought it was here the pictures were taken.
The idea was to capture the comical human interaction as passersby tried to get me into the booth as the flashes went off.
Other parts of the series include me photoing odd object in the booths and celebrity cut outs. I also collected discarded reject photos.

My next idea is to talk people into snapping their pets into the booths.

To start the site off…..

I like to take a series of photos of a building or place and composite them together in Photoshop to form large panoramic photographs. But I don’t want them to blend seamlessly together. I like it much better when the exposure and angle of each photo changes naturally to exaggerate the perspective.

It’s something that I’ve developed as a personal hobby ever since seeing David Hockney use a similar technique back in the 1980s. Although I have never matched his quality I’ve continued to produce them since the mid 80s and now have well over a hundred. Digital photography and editing software has made this so much easier to do nowadays and, thus, my production has increased in recent years.

The first two photos are taken outside and inside the London Assembly Building. The third is of the Millennium Bridge. Tim